Launching A New Website!

Welcome!  I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am to launch our new website for TashaLee Photography!  What an amazing journey this has been and I just want to pause and give all glory to my God in Heaven.  When I left my job in the summer of 2016, my husband and I had NO IDEA how life was going to work out.  We had just welcomed our 2nd baby into the world when I knew I had a calling to stay at home.  Stepping out COMPLETELY on faith, I called my principal, who so lovingly understood why I had to leave my first passion, teaching.  My husband and I kept waiting and praying and waiting some more to see how God was going to provide for our family's needs.  We desperately clung to the song "Four Days Late" just trusting our Lord.  Looking back, He truly was carrying us through some of the roughest financial storms we have ever faced and He continues to bless us time and time again.  What God taught us through those valleys, is that we may not always have excess like we are comfortable with but He always gave us JUST ENOUGH, at just the right time when we needed it.  Nobody ever did without and our faith and family was strengthened through all this.  One afternoon while talking (and crying) to my mom on the phone she told me this: "Just because the road isn't easy, doesn't mean it's not God's will.  Hold on tight to the peace He gave you when you first made the decision and KNOW you ARE doing the right thing."  Wow, isn't that the truth!?  We may not always have an easy road but God always promises a safe landing.  We didn't deserve or even sometimes recognize all of His mercies but we can clearly see now how each step was planned and orchestrated so that I could follow my second passion, photography.  Y'all...4 months later (remember the song!?) in December 2016, the idea of TashaLee Photography emerged.  I took on my first photo session with the sweetest mother of 3 amazing and spirited girls.  I was so nervous to actually make this my BUSINESS, I prayed and asked the Lord to come along with me to guide my thinking and control my camera.  And He did.  Now, EVERY TIME when I'm driving in the car to a photo session, I pray again and ask the Lord to come with because I can't do this alone.  I am overwhelmed with how He was already blessed our business with opportunities and clients and friendships and experiences that I can't even begin to fully appreciate it all.  Talk about pouring out blessings from the windows of heaven!  The support of my husband has been unparallel to any other sacrifice He was made for me.  His daily encouragement uplifts me, his dedication moves me and his enthusiasm inspires me.  Thank you to everyone who has believed in me thus far!  I am so grateful to be on this journey and look forward to working with old friends and new faces.  

God Bless!

Tasha Lee Wilks