Tasha Lee wilks       blessed wife       happy momma     faithful soul

For the past 15 years, I’ve indulged my passion for creating timeless photos.  As I started raising a family of my own, I realized how important it is to capture ordinary moments in time because life happens so fast, which is why I created TASHALEE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Through my own journey of life, it’s overwhelming how quickly the baby years melt away into toddler times and then before you know it, they morph into a big kid over night.  My heart swells full of emotion with each closing of one chapter and the wonderful beginning of another.  It’s in those moments in-between, discovering the world together, that I can clearly see how beautiful every stage of life is, in its own special way.  I want everything to slow down so I can stay right here, for just a minute more.  I hold on tight to that precious memory and that’s what I want to give you too: the gift of a memory through photographs.  At some unknown point in time, you’ll miss the everydayness of your busy little family and wonder when exactly they grew such magnificent wings.  In that instant, you can embrace the joy of their youth, the childhood you gave them and the love you’ll always know, in precious, keepsake photos.  

This is my heart, this is my passion, this is my drive, this is my mission, this is my reason for serving you.