Quarter Friends

So...the way this photo shoot started is not at all what I had intended.  What these photos DON'T show is my car getting stuck in the mud because I thought I could drive up the hill to the cute little shade spot under a tree with the red barn in the background.  What these photos DON'T show is a hornet flying in Katie's car, scaring her daughter to death and causing Katie's new phone to fall, plop, in the mud.  What these photos DON'T show is both moms yelling at their kids to get away from the busy street while the tow truck comes to get us out of this mess because who does this really happen to anyways!?


What these photos DO show is an adventurous mom encouraging her children to try something new and touch a sweet baby chick.  What these photos DO show is a child's excitement when they felt and held such a gentle creature and their surprise when the baby chick tried to take flight in their hand.  What these photos DO show is a grandmother's love who hand-stitched tea towels and showed that she believed in her grown daughter's dream to live a quiet, charming country life.  So while this photo shoot didn't go as planned, there's not one thing I would change about this day!

My dear friend Katie is so special to me, beyond words.  You've heard how it's better to have 4 "quarter" friends in life than 100 "penny" friends; Katie is one of my quarters.  She has given so much joy and sacrifice and love and contentment and inspiration and peace and laughter and value to my life.  I knew this photo session was a gift I so earnestly wanted to give back to her.  Photos of the life she was dreaming about and let me just tell you, GOD DELIVERED!  Everything she wanted and more, because she held on to her faith, she fought the good fight and He blessed.  I know she has these photos framed in her new farmhouse kitchen and I hope every time she passes by them, she reminisces on the memories from this day, that she remembers all the laughter these photos say just to her and I, and all love that they say to everyone else who admires them.  I love you Katie!