The Millers.

There is not enough character space for me to describe how incredibly wonderful this sweet family is.  Tracy and I first met when we began our teaching career at this cute little elementary school in Texas.  Honestly, we both had no idea what we were doing when we first started.  We talked many a days after school about how to survive and I'll always treasure this bonding time we had to grow from unsure teachers to confident educators who learned how to make an impact.  I'll tell you, Tracy is way more talented than I could ever dream of being and her presence in the classroom with children is captivating!  Any student who falls under the words she dispenses, walks away more knowledgeable and feeling loved at the same time.

I can remember when Jon first started dating Tracy and his sweet proposal to her with all the kids getting a ring pop and Tracy getting an engagement ring - talk about melting a teacher's heart!  It's been beautiful to watch their family grow to having LAMby (not baby like I will always call her)!  Watching Tracy be a mom to her precious Luci is just as memorizing.  What an enchanting family they are and truly an honor to photograph a family session for them.  The response on FB has been so overwhelming and positive - I'm so happy!

Thank you Miller Family for gracing me with your friendship - I am a better person because of you!  Lots of love!