Morning Glory


Have you ever had something happen that as soon as it happened, you knew it was going to be BIG?  I have a feeling THIS photo shoot is going to change my business forever!

I first met Emily and her parents at a church youth function they hosted in their home.  Little did I know God would work it out to where I would have the absolute privilege to photograph Emily's senior pictures.  YA'LL...days like this are AMAZING!  It was the first sunrise session I had ever done so I was nervous and anxious about the lighting but God's perfect timing made this one of the best sessions I've ever had!  Yes, Emily is a very beautiful young woman and made my job the easiest I've ever had. But, I wish you could know her personally because she is so incredibly kind and sweet and beautiful on the inside.  She was game for any of the things I asked her to do and we had such a fun time!  I loved visiting with her mom in between takes and getting to know this dear family even better is icing on the cake.

All I can say is, I hope to someday photograph her wedding and her family as she goes through life.  What an amazing person Emily is!

Lots of love!!